Thursday, 2 October 2014

My tiny rebellion

I have a secret to share with you. I've discovered something that gives you confidence, makes you feel good, doesn't break the bank and brings out a different side to you or it did in me. What can this magical thing be I hear you cry.

Wait for it...

A little bit longer...

Keep waiting...

Ok, time for the reveal...

Yes, it's red lipstick

I was recently persuaded to give wearing red lipstick a go and when I say red, I mean real red, pillar box red - not pinks trying to act like red. As a woman fast approaching fifty (how did that happen?) I was a little unsure at first. Surely this type of red is strictly in the domain of younger women, surely red lipstick is for sirens, women of danger. I was thinking Bette Davis in All About Eve.

But then I thought hell yeah - why not. Why shouldn't I do it. And so I did.

The first time, I put it on, I felt transformed. I dressed up a little more than I usually would, found myself wearing heels. The lipstick demanded it.

I was sassy. I said things I wouldn't normally say. I felt powerful. I was like: "Yes, I'm wearing red lipstick - what of it? You want to make something of it." I felt glamorous and it was fun. I felt a little naughty. I was in touch with my inner Bette Davis.

Funny how something so inconsequential can make a difference. There are some great reds out there. I chose Maybelline's Color Elixir Up Lacquer in Signature Scarlet for a more glossy finish and a Bourjois one for a more matt finish.

So if you're feeling in need of a lift and want to engage with your inner Bette Davis, join me and head for red.


  1. Sounds exciting! I'm not sure if I dare ... yet. Maybe I'll start out slow today with the pink lip gloss that's in my drawer, instead of lip balm. {Yes, I have a long way to go!} Thanks for the encouragement!

  2. I am off to try that right away :)

  3. That sounds exiting. I actually bought a dark red lipstick, but haven't tried it yet. Might be time to ;-)

  4. Nice. You know how to create a suspense. A small but powerful and inspiring post. I don't know if I dare to wear a red lipstick, but you make consider to take an extra look in my jewellery box, and in my wardrope if there is something I should give more attention :-)

    1. I've been having a sort out in my wardrobe Mariane and I've rid myself of old things that no longer look good or which simply didn't fit any more. However, there are things that I completely forgot about which I'm wearing again as they have come back into sight. Enjoy your discoveries